Endowment & Endowment Scholarships

Over the last 40+ years, the economy has had its ups and downs, and Valley’s “economy” has been no different. In order to prepare the school for any and all financial situations in the future, we started The VCS Endowment Fund on February 9, 2015, and have since added numerous funds underneath this umbrella.

An endowment fund offers donors a long-term giving opportunity, allowing financial gifts to bless the school many times over. Each year, the school is able to pull some of the net gains out of the fund, while the principal continues to grow through generous gifts.

How the VCS Endowment Fund Began

Although a school endowment fund had been discussed for years, it took a generous gift by one of the original Valley families to put the VCS Endowment Fund in motion. The family of graduate Heather Bilodeau ’88 – a member of our 3rd graduating class – maintained a passion for Christian education and for Valley Christian, and they decided to leave a legacy through a planned gift.

“Dad firmly believed in the value of Christian education and made it a priority in the household budget so that I was able to go to Christian schools from pre-school through high school,” Heather reflected. “I appreciated both his commitment to that and also the excellent level of education I received at Valley Christian.”

Thank you to the Bilodeau family for the planned gift of $27,277, which acted as the initial funding to launch the VCS Endowment Fund. 

Endowment Fund Balance

as of December 2023

Endowment Scholarships

Fall Scholarships

Open for application on October 1st.

The Bailey (Voss) Dykstra Scholarship

The Emily Burkert Rocha (’15) Memorial Scholarship

The Jessie Mae Jones Scholarship

Multi-Student Family Scholarship

The Samuel Keith Gellner Memorial Scholarship

The Winfrey Family STEM Scholarship

Spring Scholarships

Open for application on March 1st.

Belinda Miller Memorial Scholarship

The Al Nelson Memorial Scholarship

The Justin Kyle Lett, “Dream Then Do, in the Name of the Lord,” Memorial Scholarship

Summer Scholarship

Open for application on July 1st.

The R.L. Johnson Family Foundation

Other Endowments

The Palm Lane CRC Generations Scholarship

The Palm Lane CRC Generations Scholarship Fund testifies to the legacy and generosity of the people from Palm Lane Christian Reformed Church. Palm Lane CRC parishioners were consistently generous to the mission of Christian education and have demonstrated this over many years. The Palm Lane CRC Generations  Scholarship Fund will ensure that this legacy is not forgotten and will continue to support Christian education.

The VCS Endowment Fund

The Valley Christian Schools Endowment testifies to the generosity of the School’s friends and alumni and their support and faith in Valley Christian Schools. The mission of the endowment fund is to support the educational mission of Valley Christian Schools by providing a reliable source of funds for current and future use.

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