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Over the last 40+ years, the economy has had its ups and downs, and Valley’s “economy” has been no different. In order to prepare the school for any and all financial situations in the future, we started The VCS Endowment Fund on February 9, 2015, and have since added numerous funds underneath this umbrella.

An endowment fund offers donors a long-term giving opportunity, allowing financial gifts to bless the school many times over. Each year, the school is able to pull some of the net gains out of the fund, while the principal continues to grow through generous gifts.

How the first VCS Endowment Fund got started

Although a school endowment fund had been discussed for years, it took a generous gift by one of the original Valley families to put the VCS Endowment Fund in motion. The family of graduate Heather Bilodeau ’88 – a member of our 3rd graduating class – maintained a passion for Christian education and for Valley Christian, and they decided to leave a legacy through a planned gift.

“Dad firmly believed in the value of Christian education and made it a priority in the household budget so that I was able to go to Christian schools from pre-school through high school,” Heather reflected. “I appreciated both his commitment to that and also the excellent level of education I received at Valley Christian.”

Thank you to the Bilodeau family for the planned gift of $27,277, which acted as the initial funding to launch the VCS Endowment Fund. 

Endowment Fund Balance

as of January 2023

Endowment Scholarships

Fall Scholarships

The Bailey (Voss) Dykstra Scholarship

With gratefulness for the quality Christian education provided to our family, the Voss family offers this scholarship to VCS students who have a financial need in honor of Bailey (Voss) Dykstra (’07).

Steven and Wendy Voss have served the Valley Christian community for more than two decades, through regular gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Steven and Wendy’s two children, Taylor (’04) and Bailey (’07), are proud Valley Christian alumni.

Multi-Student Family Scholarship

The Multi-Student Family Scholarship testifies to the legacy of long-time donors, alumni families, and friends. These donors have a passion to alleviate the financial stress of multi-student families so they can attend Valley Christian Schools.

This scholarship is for current kindergarten to 12th grade families who have 3 or more students enrolled at Valley Christian Schools.

The Winfrey Family STEM Scholarship

The Winfrey Family STEM Scholarship testifies to the legacy and generosity of longtime donors, alumni family and friends, Chuck & Pam Winfrey. The Winfreys have a passion for STEM education specifically at Valley Christian Schools.

The Winfreys are establishing an endowment scholarship to current 11th or 12th grade students who have a long-term focus on STEM education to assist with tuition to attend Valley Christian Schools.

The Samuel Keith Gellner Memorial Scholarship

The Johnson family has created a scholarship in honor of their precious grandchildren who carried a gene for Potter Syndrome. Samuel Keith Gellner and his 4 siblings carried a gene for this rare genetic disorder that led to each of the 5 children passing away before or soon after their birth.

The birth of their 5 heavenly grandchildren inspired their grandparents, Keith and Robin Johnson, to create a scholarship for students with learning differences.

Spring Scholarships

Belinda Miller Memorial Scholarship

The Belinda Miller Memorial Scholarship testifies to the legacy and generosity of VCS grandparent, Belinda Miller. Belinda passed in November 2018 at the age of 64. She is lovingly remembered by her husband of many years, Tim Miller, as well as her children, Heather (Michael) and Brandon (Brittni), as well as many grandchildren, including current VCS students as of the time of the Fund’s establishment.

Tim and Belinda shared a firm belief in Christ as their Savior and of the value of Christian education. After Belinda’s passing, Tim asked for the opportunity to begin an annual scholarship in Belinda’s name to bless a family who may otherwise not be able to attend VCS. The Belinda Miller Memorial Scholarship is the method the School has chosen to honor that request.

Al Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Shortly before Mr. Nelson passed, he told those who were helping with his care, “I wish I had $100,000 to give to the school for a math scholarship.” And as much as Mr. Nelson loved and excelled at math, he didn’t think he had anything to give to the school.

Right around the time of his death, his power of attorney and executor discovered that Mr. Nelson had some money in a 401(k) and a pension plan. After talking to his financial institutions, the school was offered a payout of his 401(k) and pension. The total we are receiving from Mr. Nelson’s estate: more than $120,000.

In July 2018, VCS established the Al Nelson Memorial Scholarship fund in his honor. This scholarship fund will assist a graduating or current student pursuing a math or STEM career, fields near and dear to Mr. Nelson’s heart. Thank you, Mr. Nelson, for leaving such a wonderful legacy at VCS.

Justin Kyle Lett, “Dream Then Do, in the Name of the Lord,” Memorial Scholarship

The Justin Kyle Lett, “Dream Then Do, in the Name of the Lord,” Memorial Scholarship testifies to the legacy and spirit of VCHS alumnus, Justin Lett, Class of 2007.

The Lett family and the VCS community lost Justin suddenly in 2018 at the young age of 28. The Lett family worked with VCS to start this fund in honor of Justin and his love for God, people, and the gift that is life. Justin truly lived with passion for every moment, cultivating relationships, investing in those people, and making precious memories with beautiful and eternal consequences in all our lives. Justin graduated with honors from Samford University in 2011, with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship. He had the innate natural giftedness to imagine and create, a gift he was steadily harnessing. Justin dreamt up, penned, and consistently lived out every day the phrase “Dream then Do, in the Name of the Lord.”

Summer Scholarships

The R.L. Johnson Family Foundation

The R.L. Johnson Family Foundation is committed to Christian education and seeks to support middle school (grades 5-8) families who need tuition assistance. VCS is grateful to Mr. Roz Johnson and his family for this intentional and tremendous gift to families.

Other Endowments

The Palm Lane CRC Generations Scholarship

The Palm Lane CRC Generations Scholarship Fund testifies to the legacy and generosity of the people from Palm Lane Christian Reformed Church. Palm Lane CRC parishioners were consistently generous to the mission of Christian education and have demonstrated this over many years. The Palm Lane CRC Generations  Scholarship Fund will ensure that this legacy is not forgotten and will continue to support Christian education.

The VCS Endowment Fund

The Valley Christian Schools Endowment testifies to the generosity of the School’s friends and alumni and their support and faith in Valley Christian Schools. The mission of the endowment fund is to support the educational mission of Valley Christian Schools by providing a reliable source of funds for current and future use.

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