High School Academics

High School Departments and Curriculum

Our high school encourages and guides students to give their best effort in pursuing excellence and maximizing the gifts God has provided them within a caring and supportive learning community.  At Valley Christian, our faculty are invested in seeing our students succeed and will challenge and prepare them for college and for life. 

Our curriculum offerings include a wide range of courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, langue, arts, Bible, business and many elective options.  Students have the ability to enroll in up to eight classes per semester, allowing ample time for them to earn their necessary credits while also exploring electives to discover their passions and gifts. Students must earn at least 28 credits in order to graduate. Valley Christian also currently offers 12 advanced classes in many different areas for students to take and earn college credit while attending high school.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a Valley Christian diploma, students must earn a minimum of 28 credits and meet the following requirements:

Social Studies3.0
Foreign Language2.0
Business/Tech & CCL1.5
Fine Arts1.5
Physical Education1.0

Grading System

Valley Christian uses the following grading system to assign grades for exams, quarters, semesters and transcripts.  In order to receive credit for a course, students must receive a 60 or better.

F59 and below0.0
Each quarter, parents will receive a grade report electronically via an online grade book called RenWeb. In addition to grades, the report includes teachers’ written comments about the student’s in-class performance and attitude.

Typical Four-Year Plan

Bible 9 or Honors Bible

English 9 or Honors English



Computer Literacy

Spanish I or American Sign Language I

Physical Education / Health Elective

Fine Arts (Recommended) or Study Hall

Bible 10 or Honors Bible 10

English 10 or Honors English 10



World History

Spanish II or American Sign Language II

Electives or Study Hall (2 credits)

Bible 11 or Honors Bible 11

English 11


U.S. History or AP/DE U.S. History

Chemistry or AP Chemistry

College. Career. Life. (one semester)

Speech (one semester)

Electives or Study Hall (2 credits)

Bible 12 or Honors Bible 12

English 12 or AP/DE English


U.S. Government or AP/DE U.S. Government (one semester)

Economics or AP/DE Economics (one semester)

Electives or Study Hall (4 credits)

Advanced Classes

For students seeking an additional academic challenge, Valley Christian offers several Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses. Students can choose to enroll in these advanced classes to earn college credit while attending the high school through our partnerships with Grand Canyon University, Colorado Christian University, and Rio Salado College. In order to take an AP or DE class, students must have demonstrated excellence in the classroom, especially in the subject they are interested in taking an advanced class in. Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses are offered in the required subjects of English, math, science, social studies, foreign language and fine arts, as well as in some electives.








European History


Music Theory



Sports Medicine

U.S. History

Student Center

The Valley Christian Student Center is open throughout the day for student use.  In addition to classes regularly utilizing the library for research projects and papers, students may use the Student Center during and after school and at lunch.  The computer work stations and tables allow for students to work on individual or group projects.

Students may check out books for recreational reading or school assignments from our large print collection or they may utilize one of the computers to work on homework or access online databases.

The Student Center’s physical collection of books and reference materials is supplemented by our online databases, giving students access to thousands of articles and abstracts from journals, newspapers, magazines and reference materials.

Students also have the ability to just hang out and relax. There are several couches and chairs in the Student Center along with a TV.

Student Center Hours

Monday 8:50am-12:30pm
Tuesday 10:45am-3:45pm
Wednesday 7:30am-12:30pm
Thursday 10:45am-3:45pm
Friday 7:30am-12:30pm


iValley is the initiative to put an iPad in the hands of every student at Valley Christian High School in order to enhance student engagement, generate dynamic peer collaboration, and deliver immediate feedback on student assignments.

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