Academic, College, And Career Advising

Students are provided with counseling and college resources throughout their time at Valley Christian. In addition to regular meetings with the counseling office, opportunities include campus visits by colleges and universities, the National Christian College Fair on campus, Financial Aid Information Night, Princeton Review SAT and ACT prep classes, and assistance with college, FAFSA and scholarship applications.

Students are encouraged to evaluate a wide range of possible college choices that match their interests, potential majors and fields of study, and other factors in order to find the best match.

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Meet our Advising Staff

Michelle Cefola

Michelle Cefola

Director of Academic, College, and Career Advising

Summerslee Young

Summerslee Young

Academic, College and Career Advisor

Lisa O'Brien

Lisa O'Brien

Guidance Assistant

The Process

While students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources of the Counseling Office throughout their time at Valley Christian, the formal college planning process takes place in the following stages:

Freshman Year

In addition to individual meetings with their counselor during their freshman year, counseling and college resources are available for students year-round.
In their individual meeting, their counselor will provide resources to begin building a resume of awards, honors, paid and volunteer work and extra-curricular activities.

Freshmen will also receive additional tools and resources to explore and identify their interests, strengths and God-given abilities to match with possible career and major paths. As a first step in the college preparedness process, all freshmen take the PSAT-9 and the Pre-ACT, and will be introduced to AZCIS, our college and career online platform.

Sophomore Year

Building on their identified interests and possible career and major choices, students will meet with their counselor to begin the college research process.

Sophomores are encouraged to attend the College Fair on campus and other hosted workshops. Sophomores will work with their counselor to ensure that their course plan for high school is consistent with admission requirements for colleges in which the student is interested. Sophomores take an ACT ASPIRE test to help identify their academic strengths, potential college major and career paths.

To continue the college preparedness process, all sophomores take the PSAT and the Pre-ACT, and will be continue to explore college and career choices on AZCIS, our college and career online platform.

Junior Year

Juniors will meet individually with their counselor to discuss aspects of the college research and admission process and create a list of colleges to be researched. Their counselor will offer essay writing and standardized test and scholarship application information. Juniors also take the College, Career, Life class to be prepared heading into senior year and continue to explore college and career choices on AZCIS, our college and career online platform.

Juniors take the PSAT and SAT at VCHS at no cost to our families and are provided information regarding standardized college admissions testing. Students are encouraged to pursue academically challenging coursework to distinguish themselves in the college and scholarship application process.

Senior Year

In the early fall, seniors will meet again with their counselor to continue finalizing a college application list, to discuss college application procedures and ensure all graduation requirements are being met.

Seniors will also attend the college fair on campus in the fall to help finalize college lists. Their counselor will assist and advise the student throughout the application process, this includes transcripts, admission and financial aid applications, references and more. Fall is all about seniors and all seniors have priority scheduling with the advising department.

Our Advising Office is here to help keep you on the course!

When Should I See My Advisor?

  • To discuss academic progress such as grades, and GPA.
  • Discuss possible career possibilities
  • Discuss possible college majors
  • To help with identifying possible universities, trade school, employment options
  • To make a change in current year classes
  • Discuss future class choices
  • For help with scholarship application and consideration
  • To learn more about standardized testing and results
  • For support with college admission process
  • Whenever you encounter problems that affect your academic performance