As a service to our families, Valley Christian is providing a couple of transportation options to help ease transportation needs. Valley Christian Schools has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. After serving fewer than 300 students just ten years ago, the school has grown to nearly 1,100 students and we are expecting growth in next year’s student body.

We are updating our transportation offerings to offer a bus service from the East Valley, a free shuttle between the high school and K-8 campus, as well as offer the partnering with a third party carpooling app to help you connect with other families potentially looking to carpool. Both transportation services and the student parking permit require an application to be submitted before their indicated deadlines.

Expand the sections below to read more on each opportunity.

East Valley Bus Service

VCS Operated Bus

The terms of this service are changing from 2022-23. In order to ensure that this program is sustainable for VCS and is offered to the families and students who need it most, families are now able to ensure their spot at a cost of $150 per student, per month. The cost for 2 or more students in the same household will be $250 per month. This will allow us to employ designated CDL bus drivers and cover costs for regular vehicle maintenance.


The East Valley bus service will depart at 7:10 AM sharp from Central Christian Church in Gilbert every school day Monday through Friday and then drop off first at Valley Christian’s High School (Chandler) campus in the courtyard and then travel to the K-8 campus (Tempe).


In the afternoon, students will be able to take our shuttle service back to the High School (if needed). From there, students will be dropped off in the courtyard (if needed); otherwise they will travel back to Central Christian Church in Gilbert by 4:30 PM. All students must be picked up no later than 4:45 PM.

To ensure a seat for your student on the bus service for the 2023-24 school year, you must submit an application by no later than May 31st.

Applying allows us to plan accordingly for the 2023-24 transportation needs as well as to confirm your child’s seat in advance of the school year. We will confirm via email that your child has a daily seat on the bus service by June 30th.

Between Campus Shuttle Service

VCS Operated Shuttle

We are excited to officially announce that we will be offering a FREE between campus shuttle service. In the morning this will travel from the High School campus (Chandler) to the K-8 Campus (Tempe), and in the evenings it will travel from the K-8 to the High School. The shuttle service is free, and will be available based on a priority system to ensure every child using the service confidently has a seat on the shuttle each day. Priority seating will be determined as follows:

  1. Those that are participating in the East Valley Bus Service.
  2. Families with students at both campuses.
  3. Families with multiple students.
  4. Date of application.


Pick up will happen at the High School Campus (Chandler) in the courtyard. The shuttle will depart at 7:40 AM sharp and then will drop off students at 8:00 AM (barring any major traffic issues which have been sparse) at the K-8 Campus (Tempe) every school day Monday through Friday.


The shuttle will depart the K-8 Campus at 3:40 PM and then will make a stop at the High School at 4:00 PM dropping off in the courtyard of the High School.

Please apply as soon as possible, but no later than May 31st. We will confirm via email that your student has a daily seat on the shuttle between the High School and K-8 by June 30th.

Carpooling App

Third-Party Operated Carpooling App

As an additional service to our families from all over the Valley, we are also committing to provide a third-party car pooling opportunity for the 2023-24 school year to assist us with administrating connecting families that might be interested in carpooling.

We have officially signed on with Carpool to School. We are currently getting some of our staff onboarded with their software and plan to release this free option to our parents in the coming months. Although you cannot yet register for this service, you can read more about their service at this link.

This Carpooling App will be available at no additional cost to families.

Free Parking

The cost for parking for high school students and extra curricular activities will continue to remain free as part of our all-in tuition cost.

Student Parking Permit

High School students that are interested in parking at Valley Christian’s High School campus will need to submit an application.

Priority status is given in the following order: seniors first, then juniors, then sophomores. Students must submit a completed application by Friday, July 21st in order to receive priority status.

The parking fee is included in our total cost of education.

The 2022-23 parking application is currently open. The 2023-24 parking application will open at 8:00 AM on July 12th.

Please visit out Parking Permit Application webpage for more information and to apply.


Bus Service

How do I sign my student up for the East Valley Bus Service?
Fill out our East Valley Bus Service Application.

Does my student have to take the bus in the morning and in the afternoon?
No your student does not need to take both the morning and the afternoon bus.

Shuttle Service

How do I sign my student up for the Between Campus Shuttle Service?
Fill out our Between Campus Shuttle Service Application.

Does my student have to take the shuttle in the morning and in the afternoon?
No your student does not need to take both the morning and the afternoon shuttle.


How do I sign my student up for a student parking permit?
Please visit our Parking Permit Application webpage to learn more and to apply.

Financial Aid

We are also discussing transportation-specific financial aid options; the application process and the amount of possible aid are still being determined and will be shared as soon as we’re able. Although our transportation program comes at a significant cost to VCS, please know that we are doing all we can to provide sustainable solutions for our families.

Transportation Manager

We are excited to share that we have hired a Transportation Manager, and we will introduce him to our community when he begins at VCS this summer. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding Transportation, please contact [email protected].