As a service to our families in the Southeast Valley, Valley Christian provides a school bus transportation option. There is no charge for this service to our enrolled families. 


K-12 Bus

Discovery Park, 2214 E Pecos Rd, Gilbert

High School Campus, Chandler

Junior High Campus, Tempe

Elementary Campus, Tempe


K-12 Bus

Discovery Park 7:15am
Arrive at HS: 7:40am
Leaves HS: 7:50am (+ Shuttle)
Drop-off at JH
Drop-off at K6

*The bus leaves at the designated times. We recommend arriving at least five minutes prior to the departure time.
*For late start and early release schedules, the times will shift accordingly for pick-up and drop-off.


There is no charge to our enrolled families for bus transportation.


How do I sign my student up for the busing service?
Click on Transportation Application on the right.

Does my student have to take the bus both before and after school?
No. Students may only need to take the bus TO school or home FROM school. They are not required to ride both before and after school. Be sure to mark the correct space on the Transportation Application.


  • VCS has limited bussing and is only provided as a convenient service to our families. Our desire is to continue to provide this service, however, social distancing on a school bus greatly decreases the number of students who can ride a bus.
  • Families must register for transportation ahead of time.
  • In order to provide transportation without social distancing, masks will be required of all students riding a school bus.
  • Students will not be seated next to one another on the bus unless they are siblings.
  • Students are asked to have masks available and ready to wear prior to getting on the bus.
  • All bus drivers will be required to wear a mask.
  • Where possible, drivers will load bus back to front and unload front to back.
  • All transportation vehicles will be cleaned once per day.
  • Additionally, a disinfection will occur between uses.