Speech Class

Upon completing this course, the student will be able to utilize speech best practices to effectively communicate his/her testimony, statement of purpose, as well as public presentation for common public speaking purposes.


Course Description:

This introductory Speech and Communications course is required for all juniors. It will provide students with the basic concepts of public speaking and speech preparation then offer a multitude of opportunities to practice those concepts. Students will give speeches to classmates and work together on team speech projects. Note: speeches and assignments get increasingly more difficult as the semester progresses.

One semester — .5 credit

Speech Team

Course Objectives

Students will practice and develop their methods of speech in both public and competitive settings.

  1. Learn the basic concepts of speech and debate.
  2. Formulate complex ideas and verbalize said ideas in formal settings.
  3. Apply speech skills in scholastic competitions with other students.
  4. Work with students and staff to increase knowledge of speech and practice.
  5. Provide real-world experience of public speaking and communication.

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