Elementary Academics & Curriculum

Our elementary students are provided excellent opportunities to learn from mission-minded, effective teachers that utilize standards-based instruction while maintaining educational best practices. Academic standards, curriculum, teaching and learning strategies, technology integration, biblical integration, and various assessments are all aligned to provide a clear academic focus for 21st century learners.

Partnering with parents, we seek to meet our students’ learning goals while preparing them to thrive at each step of their journey. Our mission-minded team of educators are also committed to the salvation and spiritual formation and discipleship of students within a family-friendly environment.

Most importantly, our curriculum is all Bible-centered and students are educated in the light of God’s word.  Students will learn to view reality and make sense of life and the world from a biblical framework as a developing student. Our elementary students are provided a place where they can feel valued and safe.

Grading System
Valley Christian uses the following grading system to assign grades for exams, quarters, semesters and transcripts.  In order to receive credit for a course, students must receive a 60 or better.
F59 and below0.0
Each quarter, parents will receive a grade report electronically via an online grade book called RenWeb. In addition to grades, the report includes teachers’ written comments about the student’s in-class performance and attitude.