Volunteer Community (VCVC)

The Valley Christian Volunteer Community (VCVC) adds lifelong value to our children’s education. Through their presence and volunteerism, VCVC members have a meaningful impact on our students’ overall school experience.

If you’d like to volunteer at VCS and be a part of VCVC, please take 60 seconds to fill out the form below!

There are three levels of volunteering at Valley Christian Schools:

Level One Volunteer

A Level 1 volunteer is a casual volunteer. They are volunteering at VCS in a supervised capacity, with little to no student interaction, for a specific purpose, and for a limited time.

Example: A volunteer decorating for a homecoming event, distributing food in the lunch room, taking tickets at a football game, photocopying lesson plans in the school office, etc.

Requirements: Volunteer must fill out a Standard Volunteer Application form. The purpose of this form is for us to have names/contact information of everyone volunteering on our campus. They must be supervised while on campus. There is no requirement for a background check/fingerprint card.

Level Two Volunteer

A Level 2 volunteer is a leader in the High School or anyone volunteering on the K-8 campuses. A volunteer leader is someone who could reasonably be perceived as representing Valley Christian Schools while serving in their volunteer role.

Example: A volunteer who is leading a sponsored class reunion, directing a community service project, etc.

Requirements: Volunteer must fill out either a Volunteer Leadership Application form if serving as the school’s representative, or a standard Volunteer Application if volunteering on the K-8 campus. All level 2 volunteers must also pass a background check (initiated by the school) or provide a copy of a Level 1 IVP fingerprint card. There is a $20 fee to process the background check. Checks can be dropped off at any campus in the school office.

Please submit your completed Volunteer Leadership Application to Megan Jones.

Level Three Volunteer

A Level 3 volunteer is a “student-facing” volunteer. This volunteer comes into direct contact with and has the opportunity to be alone with students.

Example: Coaches, classroom aides, chaperones for overnight trips, etc.

Requirements: Volunteer should fill out  a Volunteer Leadership application. This level of volunteer is also required to have a Level 1 IVP fingerprint card the same as a VCS employee who works with students.

We recognize the increased level of commitment that our level three volunteers have made to the school and will reimburse some of the cost (up to $55) to obtain a fingerprint card. Receipts and a copy of the card should be turned in to the school office.

For instructions on obtaining a level one fingerprint card please see the links below:

Please submit your completed Volunteer Leadership Application to Megan Jones.

Please remember that our primary responsibility is the safety and wellbeing of our students and we may deny or limit the role of a volunteer if administration feels it is necessary.

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

Ephesians 4:16

We could not do what we do at Valley Christian without the incredible support of our volunteer community.

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