Marketing & Communications

Our Marketing and Communications team communicates creatively through an authentic voice to impact and engage our students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and the broader community. We protect and enhance our reputation, advance and strengthen our brand, and reinforce the school’s relevance in the lives of our community.

Our Mission

We discover what is best and most important to Valley Christian. With our distinctive knowledge of the school and its ongoing mission, we work together with faculty, staff, and students to create and deliver the right message to the right audience every time – at an unparalleled level.

Our Brand

Our brand begins with our faculty, staff and students. It is our mission, our stories, our spirit of innovation. We make up an incredible and unique school community. Using our brand – the logos, typography, voice, and colors we use to represent Valley Christian visually and verbally – when telling our story is an important way in which we support our school.

Media Requests

We are proud of our school and happy to share information about VCS with you. To ensure that our campuses are a safe place of learning for our students, all media inquiries or requests to visit one of our campuses should be directed to our Marketing and Communications Office at (480) 496-7256 or via email.

Our Awards

Logo Use & Apparel Requests

Request logos or brand assets, gain approval for apparel, logo use, large format printing, and more. Email the MarCom office, [email protected] to get started.

Social Media

Guidelines and approval process for school-sponsored accounts.

Share A File

Upload video or other large files to share with our MarCom team.

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Upload photos to share with our MarCom team.

Brand Resources


Valley Christian Schools offers students in Kindergarten through 12th grade big school opportunities in a small school environment. Established in 1982, VCS provides 900+ students a distinctly Christian education with excellent academics, championship athletics, award-winning fine arts, and a supporting community that encourages spiritual growth and the success of our students in and out of the classroom across our three East Valley campuses. Valley Christian is ranked as one of the Top 50 Christian high schools in the U.S., the #1 Christian high school in Arizona, and as one of the Top 125 Places to Work in Arizona.  

Our Logos

Our visual marks are the primary representations of our brand. When people see a Valley Christian logo they think of their experience with our school – the relationships with teachers, peers, families, state championship wins or concerts. How people feel about our school directly relates to the success of our school. Our logos represent who we are and what we stand for without saying a word.

In order to build and maintain a strong brand identity, we must use our logos consistently. To provide immediate recognition, a Valley Christian mark should be used on all apparel and publications (print and digital). Logos should appear in the Valley Christian color palette (below).

General Usage Guidelines

  • All logos and wordmarks require the appropriate trademark symbols.
  • Logos must be used in their entirety and cannot be covered up or used as background images.
  • Logos, wordmarks, and verbiage cannot be printed in green or red or be used on green or red items.
  • The signature mark, shield, or Trojan should appear in official school color and should not be altered, skewed, or modified in any way.
  • Do not fill the logos with graphics, or cover them with graphics or text, and do not change the fonts or make transparent.
  • To ensure the identity’s strongest impact, do not modify or distort the logo. 
  • The marks must be aligned, as shown here, and never rotated or skewed.
  • No markings may be made on top of or through the marks.
  • When scaling, use the shift key to maintain the original proportion of the mark.
  • Allow for clear space around the mark to maintain impact and legibility. 


Our logos and marks are federally registered. Trademarks identifying Valley Christian Schools, its products, services, programs, or activities are the property of VCS, protected under state and federal trademark law. Use of a Valley Christian trademark without the consent and approval of an authorized VCS official constitutes an unlawful infringement of the mark.

All requests to use a VCS logo need to be submitted prior to use. Don’t copy and paste logos from online, request a hi-resolution image from our team for your use. Logo files for print and design are available upon request. Logos are available as .ai, .png, .jpg files in full-color and reversed options. Additional files can be made available upon request.

Our Colors

The primary color palette for Valley Christian is Blue, Silver, White, and Black. Colors play an important role in our visual identity, as they are an instantly recognizable element of our brand.

The primary blue for Valley Christian is the spot color PMS 293 C. Pantone recommended values should be used for CMYK, HEX, and RGB color spaces to achieve the most consistent blue across digital and print applications.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors are used for all print applications—t-shirts, banners, etc.—especially when printing large blocks of solid color.

RGB (red, green, blue) colors are used for screen applications: web, email, video; they represent the values of the three types of pixels that make up all colors in a screen or monitor.

CMYK colors are used for print applications: they represent the four inks used to create all colors for printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


PMS 293 C PMS 648 C PMS 431 C White Black
CMYK:  100  69  0  4 CMYK: 100  69  0  56 CMYK:  45  25  16  59 HEX:  FFFFFF CMYK:  0  0  0  100
HEX:  003DA5 HEX: 002E5D HEX:  5B6770 RGB:  255  255  255 HEX:  000000
RGB:  0  61  165 RGB: 0  46  93 RGB:  91  103  112   RGB:  0  0  0
Embroidery: Marathon #1200   Embroidery: Marathon #1211   Rich Black: 40  30  30  100

Our Fonts

Fonts are available for download. Please contact the Marketing and Communications Office if you do not have them available on your device.

Primary Font

Myriad Pro is a clean, modern and readable type. It is a typeface that is comfortable to read while providing a wide variety of widths and weights. It is the recommended sans serif font for digital publications. It may also be appropriate for headlines, subheads, bylines, captions, sidebars and dates.

Secondary Font

Adobe Caslon Pro complements the Trajan Pro in the Valley Christian Signature Mark and is the recommended serif font used for body text in publications such as brochures, catalogs and newsletters.

The first printings of the American Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were set in Caslon.  Adobe Caslon Pro is known for its classic, timeless and lasting look.

Signature Font

Trajan Pro is an all uppercase font used in the Valley Christian Signature Mark.