How long has Valley Christian been in the East Valley?

A.  VCS was founded in 1981 and opened its doors for the first time in 1982, serving grades 9-12. From 1982-93 through 1990-91, VCS met at Bethany Community Church in Tempe. Midway through the 1990-91 school year, VCS moved its campus to a strip mall at Price and Broadway, also in Tempe. In 1997-98, VCS opened its permanent high school campus at 6900 West Galveston Street in Chandler.

In 2018-19, VCS began serving grades 6-8 at Gethsemane Church in Tempe. And in 2019-20, VCS purchased the property at Price and Guadalupe that initially served grades K-6 and now serves grades K-4 in Tempe. After purchasing the church campus next door, VCS now serves grades K-8 in Tempe on a 20-acre campus and high school (grades 9-12) in Chandler on a 19-acre campus.

What grades are offered at VCS?

A. VCS serves grades K-12 across 2 different campuses, 8 miles apart:

K-8: 6304 S Price Road  Tempe, AZ  85283
9-12: 6900 W Galveston Street  Chandler, AZ  85226

What is the tuition cost?

A.  Please refer to the “Tuition and Fees” page for updated tuition information. Tuition payments can be made annually, twice per year, or on a ten-month payment plan. We believe that every family as VCS should participate in one of the tuition assistance options available to Arizona residents, typically either STOs or ESAs.

Do we need to be a "Christian" family in order to attend VCS?

A.  Yes. Valley Christian is a covenant Christian school, meaning it is our belief that the family, church, and school should work together to reinforce Biblical principles in the lives of our young people. Our families must have a Christian testimony and demonstrate an active pursuit of their faith in order to attend VCS. Prospective students and parents must agree with the mission, statement of faith, school policies, and handbook. Prospective students must want to attend VCS and demonstrate an aptitude to meet the school’s expectations. Prospective students entering high school must be able to express an age-appropriate Christian testimony. For prospective students entering K-8, at least one parent must express a Christian testimony.

How many students do you serve?

A.  VCS currently serves more than 1,100 students across our two campuses. The high school welcomes 115-130 freshmen students each year, averaging 500-520 students in any given year. The junior high serves 150-180 students in grades 7 and 8, while the elementary school serves 400-450 students in grades K-6.

Is there a waiting list at VCS?

A.  Our priority enrollment cycle begins in November/December each year and lasts for 4-6 weeks. Potential students are then notified in January of admission or non-admission. After the priority enrollment cycle, students are notified of admission or non-admission in 3-4 week cycles until the class is deemed full. Once a specific class is identified as full, VCS begins a formal waitlist for potential students.

Does VCS accept new students during the school year?

A. Yes, provided the class is not already full. In the case of a full class, a student may be added to the formal waitlist.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

A.  At the high school, the student to faculty ratio is 18:1. At the junior high, the student to faculty ratio is 21:1. Kindergarten ratio is 12:1; In grades 1-4, the ratio is 18:1; and grades 5-6 are 21:1, with aides supporting classes as needed.

Does VCS offer a bus service?

A.  Yes! VCS offers a bus service to accommodate the numerous families commuting to VCS from east Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, etc. More information is available on our Transportation page.

Does VCS require an entrance exam before a new student may be accepted?

A.  No, there are no special testing requirements in order to be accepted at any grade level. We do review standardized test scores, transcripts, and report cards when evaluating student placement. Incoming high school freshmen are also given placement tests before schedules are completed in order to place them in appropriate classes. All students take the MAP (“Measures of Academic Progress”) assessment twice per year to assist in measuring and evaluating student progress across the curriculum on each campus.

Do all students take Bible classes?

A.  Yes, absolutely. Bible classes are required for every student in all grade levels. Additionally, Biblical principles are integrated into our entire curriculum, all subject areas. Each class and all students also participate in a weekly, age-appropriate chapel service.

Is VCS affiliated with a specific church?

A.  No. VCS is a non-denominational Christian school. Our families currently represent many different churches across the valley.

What percentage of VCS high school graduates go on to higher education?

A.  Historically, the majority of VCS graduates are accepted into the college or university of their choice, with a high percentage going on to pursue higher education. VCS students have enrolled in a wide variety of public and Christian colleges. (view a comprehensive list here).

What is the cut off date for entering Kindergarten?

A.  A child must be five (5) years old by September 1 to be eligible for Kindergarten. Valley Christian Elementary will follow these age requirements for all enrolling or transfer students.

Do students have to wear uniforms?

A.  VCS does not require uniforms, but does enforce a student dress code, outlined in the student handbook. The clothing our students wear on campus is required to be modest and neat and consistent with our dress code.

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