Valley’s Individual Needs Enhancement (VINE) program believes that all students can learn and are uniquely created and gifted by God; we also believe that He has a purpose and plan for their future – with or without disabilities. It is the mission of the V.I.N.E. Department to provide a comprehensive, Christian high school special education program that will prepare each student for their next step in life; whether that is higher education, vocational education, internship, apprenticeship or other specialized training, and enable students to reach their highest God-given potential.

VINE Special Education Department Courses

VINE Bible
The focus of study in this course alternates between the Old and New Testaments annually. Study of the Old Testament covers the major events and people of the Old Testament, and the foundational significance of the Old Testament for the understanding of the New Testament.  Study of the New Testament covers the intertestamental period, the basics of the Christian faith, history of the early church, and the Apostle Paul’s message of Jesus’s life, death, burial, and resurrection.  VINE Bible can be repeated for credit as needed in grades 9-12.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE English

This course is an individualized and small group English program designed for students who have unique learning needs. There is a focus on vocabulary, grammar and composition, and reading and literature.  This course can be repeated for credit as needed in grades 9-12.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Content Enrichment

VINE Content Enrichment is a resource class for students who have disabilities. Students in Content Enrichment receive pre-instruction for grade-level content area courses, help with class work, homework, tests, exams and projects, and study/organizational skills training. This class may be repeated for credit as needed in grades 9-12.

Full year—1 credit OR one semester—0.5 credit.

VINE Integrated Science

This course is an accommodated version of the general education freshman level lab science course designed to give students a basic foundation for integrated science. Here the students will learn the basics of chemistry, including the makeup of matter, the periodic table, chemical reactions, and elements of organic chemistry. They will also delve into aspects of physics, including motion, speed, laws of motion and conservation, energy, force, and waves.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Biology

This course is an accommodated version of the general education sophomore level lab science course which is an introduction to the life sciences. It covers topics such as how God reveals himself through creation, a Christian approach to science, scientific method, basic organic chemistry, microscopy, genetics, creation/evolution, microorganisms, classification, genetics, genetic engineering, invertebrate classes and characteristics, vertebrate classes and characteristics, as well as topics related to ecology. This course is taught with a hands-on approach.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Earth Science

This course will be offered as an alternative to Chemistry and will meet the graduation requirements for one year of laboratory science. It covers topics such as:  Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology, Oceanography, and Environmental Science.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Basic Math

The Basic Math course is designed for students who have deficiencies in their math skills that would prevent them from successfully accessing the curriculum in Pre-Algebra. It is specifically for students who need a basic understanding of mathematic concepts and operations. Instruction is carefully sequenced, starting with understanding place value and numeration before moving into more complex skills. Students who are ready for more complex skills are also introduced to basic concepts in algebra and geometry. VINE Basic Math can be repeated for credit as needed in grades 9-12.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Algebra I

The purpose of VINE Algebra 1 is to lay the foundation for all other math courses. The primary focus will be solving linear equations, inequalities, and applying them to real world situations. Coordinate geometry will be introduced. VINE Algebra 1 is a slower-paced, accommodated version of the regular education Algebra 1 course.  Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of Pre-Algebra.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Geometry

The purpose of VINE Geometry is to provide the general education geometry course with a reduced number of objectives, more time on each concept, and a more differentiated format.

Prerequisite: Algebra 1 or VINE Algebra 1.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Algebra II

*This course is taught as needed*

VINE Algebra 2 is an extension of Algebra 1.  New topics to be introduced will include, but not be limited to matrices, complex numbers, conics, polynomials, exponential and logarithmic functions, and sequences and series.  This course serves as a pre-requisite to Advanced Math Topics or Pre-Calculus.

Full year—1 credit.

VINE Life Skills Math

This course is for juniors and seniors and counts toward their math requirements. In this class, students will study math as it relates to “real life” to prepare them to make good financial decisions both now and in the future. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of income and money management. Spending, credit, saving and investing will be explored in the context of personal responsibility and Biblical stewardship. This class may be repeated for credit as needed in grades 11-12.

Full year—1 credit.