Strategic Plan

Valley Christian 2020: Renewed and Ready

Our strategic plan describes our vision and goals for Valley Christian in 2020. The plan is the result of a year-long planning process involving more than 50 members of the Valley Christian community.  VC 2020 embraces our proud history, describes a clear vision to enhance our programs and education, and identifies the steps necessary to get us there by 2020. This plan expresses our desire to strive for excellence in all areas in order to best serve our students, positively impact our community and honor God.

This is not a static plan, but one that will adapt to meet our objectives and milestones.  It serves as a guide for our decision making and priority setting.  We invite you to follow our progress and join us as we move together to prepare students for where God calls them.

Our Goals and Accomplishments

Four specific goals form the foundation of our strategic plan.  Learn more about our goals, activities and accomplishments below.

Innovative Learning

Create a diverse, engaged, innovative culture of learning and excellence that prepares students for where God calls them in their professional, community, social, personal and spiritual lives.

Enhancing Faculty Culture

Foster a work environment that promotes creativity, innovation, high morale and excellence in faculty and staff.

Facility Expansion

Provide facilities that meet our needs to enhance our programs and raise the ceiling of student and staff potential.

Long-Term Financial Sustainability

Ensure the long-term financial sustainability of our school in order to attract and retain students, faculty and staff who want to be a part of our success.

Measuring Our Progress

As we move together toward Valley Christian 2020, measuring our success and recognizing our accomplishments is important.  We will monitor and report our progress in these four areas annually and invite you to click on an initiative above to view our recent accomplishments and achievements in meeting our goals.

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“In my 34 years at Valley Christian, I have never been more excited for the vision, direction and passion exhibited by our community.”

– Dan Kuiper, Administrator