Initiative 3: Facility Expansion

Provide facilities that meet our needs to enhance our programs and raise the ceiling of student and staff potential.


Based on the increased demand of a Valley Christian High School education and in keeping with the school’s master plan and mission, we are developing plans to pursue the addition of a two-story academic building and parking lot.

As enrollment continues to increase, we are rapidly approaching capacity with our current facilities. Additionally, in accordance with our master plan, we cannot finish the campus without first constructing an academic building with additional parking. The building will also fulfill a zoning requirement with the City of Chandler to replace the temporary modular classrooms currently between the main academic building and gymnasium.

The construction of a state-of-the-art, two-story, 19,000 square-foot academic building will allow us to offer additional programs and classes for up to 600 students on our campus. Four simple classrooms currently in that space will give way to 14 brand new classrooms, with the second floor dedicated to our expanding STEM offerings (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Valley Christian is not changing who we are, and our focus will continue to be in providing a well-rounded education. These classrooms will not only enlarge our footprint, but also create collaborative, innovative spaces for our students to occupy.

The addition of a parking lot on the south side of Galveston is a city requirement. This must be completed before we increase our capacity for students and before we eventually cut into the current parking lot for the next phase of facility expansion. The Building Committee, which has already been formed, will work with architects, engineers, and contractors as the specific plans begin to take shape.

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Based on the increased demand of a Valley Christian Schools education, and in keeping with the school’s master plan and mission, we continue to pursue the expansion and growth of our current facilities. Two years ago, we were rapidly approaching capacity on our campus, and today, we have reached capacity on our high school campus.

Since releasing our strategic plan, we have taken numerous steps in moving forward with the next phase of our campus expansion. A few dates of note:

Fall 2016: Establishment of the Building Committee
Members of the school’s Board, Administration, staff, and volunteers, as well as an architect and other community members, began meeting regularly to discuss next steps for facility expansion. After a laborious process, this team selected our building contractor, as well.

November 2017: Pre-Campaign/Feasibility Study
After hiring our campaign consultants, The Timothy Group, more than 240 families in the VCS community participated in our pre-campaign study. The study sought feedback on the school’s priorities, and asked for support – of time, talent, and treasure – for each initiative. As communicated in February 2018 and again in June, the results were extremely positive, including a high response rate and significant support for the projects.

February/March 2018: Extended Study
Under the direction of The Timothy Group, the school’s Administration conducted additional research and met with even more families to determine the feasibility of beginning a capital campaign to raise the necessary support for campus expansion. After sharing even more specifics with each family, we were extremely encouraged by the response.

June 2018: The Board of Directors announce a capital campaign “within the next few months”
The VCS Board of Directors announced in June of 2018 that they fully expect to launch a capital campaign “within the next few months.” The first phase of a capital campaign is generally a “quiet” phase; there won’t be a significant public portion of the campaign right away, although the campaign will likely be “public” sometime in 2019.

There are some incredibly exciting things on the horizon for Valley Christian Schools. We are hopeful to share some of these recent developments with our entire community by the end of 2018. We know you will be as thrilled and as excited as we are for the future of VCS and Christian education in the East Valley.