Fall Needs-Based Scholarships

We welcome your applications for the fall needs-based scholarships offered by generous donors at Valley Christian Schools. Scholarship applications open October 1st and close October 31st.

Each scholarship is unique in requirements and award amounts, so please read them thoroughly to assess if you qualify at: www.valleychristianaz.org/endowment. The first step in all needs-based scholarships is to have a FACTS Grant and Aid application completed and on file including all supplementary documents received. Your Aid application is not considered complete until your supplemental documents are received and verified. Here are the steps to the Aid application:


We have several needs-based scholarships in the fall. On this application, you are welcome to apply for the ones that you qualify for based on each one’s criteria found at www.valleychristianaz.org/endowment. Please fill out all the required information for each scholarship you want to apply for.

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