Valley Christian alumnus John Collier founded Proactive MD in 2016 to be a catalyst for changing and improving the way health care is delivered. CEO of his company based in Simpsonville, South Carolina, he partners with companies in 17 states.

“Health care impacts us all, and health care as we know it is broken,” says Collier. “When patients get the transformative primary care they deserve, and health care providers are empowered to practice medicine the way they trained, patients’ lives are changed. When we look at our patients, we see mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, and they are at the center of all we do.”

“What care would I want for my daughter?” he asks, rhetorically. “I challenge my teams to strive for “The Harper Standard of Care,” a term named for one of his three children.

“We set a culture, a common vision – which is our patient promise. At the end of the day, it’s truly about helping people and caring for them. That’s what keeps me up at night. I fiercely defend that culture. I want our physicians to administer care with the same passion they felt when writing their essays to apply to medical school. That’s why we do what we do.”

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