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10 at 10 is one of the many ways alumni stay connected to VCS. The vision of 10 at 10 is 10% of VCS alumni giving $10/month.

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Different ways in which VCS engages with Alumni

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Monthly Dollars with 219 10 at 10 members

Annual Dollars with 219 10 at 10 members

Find out what other alumni are up to on our “After Valley” page!

At VCS, we believe you are a “Trojan for Life.” Some ways that we continually engage our Alumni include…


Homecoming Week is a highlight for Alumni like you each year! Whether you are attending the week’s events or participating by singing/playing during our Night of Worship, attending the annual Alumni Chapel, or something else, there is something for every alumnus to enjoy.


Valley Christian has a large following on Facebook and Twitter, and alumni are a big part of these groups. We also have a Facebook group specifically for VCS alumni, which allows you to connect with other alum while quickly getting news that pertains to you.


Alumni engage on VCHSAZ.org to check out information on upcoming reunions, update their profile, read “After Valley” stories, view the latest alumni news, find out about upcoming events, and more.


Besides Homecoming, Alumni like to make their rounds at a number of other events during the year. While you’ll occasionally see a single alumnus around campus, groups of alumni show up for events like Christmas Extravaganza (December each year), the Legacy Auction (November), the spring play (April), athletic events, vocal and instrumental concerts, and more.


If you’re not already on the “Occasional Events and Major News” email list, you can do so here. You’ll receive 8-12 emails per year with the “Occasional Events and Major News” list. You can also sign up to receive our Weekly E-Newsletter (“Trojan Talk”), and you’ll receive 50+ emails per year.


Use the form to the right to become a 10 at 10 member and be a part of the 10%+ of alumni who are giving $10+ per month. If you have other giving interests or would like to support a specific fund, please visit VCHSAZ.org/Give for more giving opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is 10 at 10?

A.  Watch the video above to learn more!

Q.  What is an Endowment Fund

A.  An endowment fund is a fund held by a charitable organization in which there is a restriction that prohibits the principal of the fund from being spent. Endowment funds offer donors a long-term giving opportunity, allowing financial gifts to bless the school many times over. Each year, Valley Christian will be able to pull some of the investment gains out of the fund, while the principal continues to grow through generous gifts.

Visit the Endowment page to learn more!

Q.  What is a my gift used for?

A. Your gift will be used for things like technology, financial aid, academic enhancements, fine arts needs, athletic programs, staff education, and more. A few examples of how Endowment profits are used:

  • Capital campaigns, like the future Worship Arts Center
  • Academic enhancements, like the iValley project
  • Financial aid
    • More than 80% of Valley Christian students receive financial aid of some kind
    • The school provides direct financial aid for students each year

Your gift will be used many times and for many purposes. Take a $10 donation, for example, and assume a 10% return each year. Your $10 donation is principal in the Endowment Fund, therefore it will never be used. However, that $10 will earn $1 in year 1, and that $1 will be spent on projects like the ones mentioned above. In year 2, that $10 will earn another $1, and that $1 will be used again. After 10 years, Valley Christian was able to use $10 toward our most important needs, and we still have that $10.

Now imagine 185 alumni giving $10 a month. That’s $22,200 after one year. At a 10% return, that means the school is able to use $2,220, without ever losing (or using) the $22,200. Our goal is to reach a $330,000 Endowment as quickly as we can in order to return $20,000 (or more) each year. We’re looking forward to a multi-million dollar Endowment in the future, and eventually something like Harvard’s $36.4 billion Endowment Fund. (Ok, Ok… let’s start with $330,000).

If you’d like your gift used toward something other than our Endowment Fund, please contact Troy Thelen at tthelen@valleychristianaz.org, and we are happy to arrange this.

Q.  Is my donation tax-deductible?

A. All charitable gifts to Valley Christian Schools – including 10 at 10 gifts – are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. You will receive a year-end giving statement each January. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation.

You can use a credit card, debit card, or checking/savings account… and you can give as little or as much as you’d like.

If you don’t see the form below, or if only some of the form shows, please refresh your page.

The form above is embedded into this webpage. This means that the entire page will not refresh after you click “Submit.” Please do not refresh your browser if you’ve pressed “Submit.” After submitting, your form will disappear and will be replaced by a “thank you” message. You may need to scroll up to see this message. If you have any questions about your transaction, please contact Troy Thelen at tthelen@valleychristianaz.org. 

If you’d prefer to give a one-time or annually recurring $120 gift (which will still include you in the “10 at 10” program) instead of the monthly $10 option, click here to be taken to our general donation form. Select any amount, but be sure to choose Endowment or enter “10 at 10” in the comments box.

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