We’ve been asked many times over the years, so we’re excited to finally announce tonight: we will begin offering a full K-12 Christian education option for families beginning in 2019-20!

We enter this new opportunity humbled and honored. We did not plan or seek this out for next school year, but truly believe God has presented our school with an incredible opportunity and feel His call on us to move forward.

Earlier this month, a group approached our school offering significant resources for Valley Christian to expand the reach of Christian education through an elementary school. Thanks to their multi-million dollar investment, we will move forward with construction on an Elementary Building on our newly expanded, 33-acre Chandler campus to house our Kindergarten through 5th grades.

The elementary school will temporarily meet at a location that is currently being finalized while we finish construction. Our hope is that we will move into the new building on our Chandler campus in January 2020.

Our Online Application Portal for Valley Christian’s Elementary School will open on Monday, March 18 at 8:00am on our website. If families have already enrolled or re-enrolled in a school for next year but wish to attend Valley Christian. We will be offering a credit for any enrollment or application fee they may have paid already.

We invite you to visit valleychristianaz.org/elementary in the meantime to learn more about the new school, its campus, and view our Frequently Asked Questions. As information is made available and finalized, it will be made available on the website and to those who express interest in receiving information specific to the elementary school.

Our administration will begin searching immediately for well-qualified faculty and staff to support the new school. If you (or someone you know) are interested in working at VCS in any capacity, we encourage you to fill out an Employment Interest form using the button below.

This expansion will not interfere with any of our campus expansion plans for the high school or our campus master plan. The first phase of the campus expansion will go on as planned as we seek to increase capacity on our high school campus to meet increased demand and for us to be able to offer more opportunities for students.

We also want to reaffirm that no tuition dollars from the high school or junior high will go towards funding the construction of the elementary school. There will be no impact to the opportunities and programs we seek to provide our high school and junior high students. Again, we are very thankful for the generous investment that allows us to move forward in this manner.

We are excited to continue to grow our school community and offer big school opportunities in a small school environment to even more families. We are honored to have the privilege of partnering with families for a longer period in preparing our students academically, physically, socially, and spiritually, as we seek to transform our students to be culture changers for Christ through our distinctly Christian education.

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