Bridges Club

What is Bridges?

Bridges is a club that was started in 2012 by then-senior Nicole Morgan and VINE Instructional Aid Mrs. Robin Johnson to connect our special education students with their typical peers. However, Bridges has evolved into a friendship outreach club for EVERYONE.

What do we do at BRIDGES,you ask?

Well we C-S-I:
C- CONNECT with others through our Tuesday outreach lunches and game days.
S- SERVE together with purpose by working together at places like Feed My Starving Children.
I- INVITE anyone to join us for social events outside of school such as summer pool parties, annual Christmas parties and our Bridges Bowling!

How can I join?

To receive the Bridges information text 81010 and include @vcbridges in the message, and you are signed up! Now just bring your lunch and show up on Tuesdays. You will find us in the courtyard or Barnes Hall – look for the Bridges sign.

BRIDGES is spreading the love of Jesus as we CSI – Connect, Serve & Invite!

Join Us Every Tuesday During Lunch!

Find out more about the VINE (Valley’s Individual Needs Enhancement) program

If you have any questions about Bridges, feel free to contact Mrs. Robin Johnson at or Mrs. Carla Morgan at

“Kindness is the language where the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Mark Twain

To me, this quote means that kindness is a universal language which can be understood by every person through actions and words. It doesn’t matter if you are deaf, blind, or speak a language from another country. Kindness can be expressed and demonstrated to every individual. Actions speak louder than words!

Micah Mason, Executive VP Ambassador for Bridges


In 2005, God moved the leadership of the school to open the doors a bit wider to invite more students to enroll at Valley so they too could benefit from this unique school experience. Beginning in August of 2006, Valley Christian High School began offering special education classes and accommodations for students with learning disabilities and other “diffabilities.” This program is called V.I.N.E. – Valley’s Individual Needs Enhancement Program. Students are taught with content and methods that enhance (strengthen, improve) their individual needs so they can be successful in their classes, which in turn will them to grow to their full God-given potential.

VCHS’ Bridges Club was founded in order to help connect students who might otherwise be hesitant to reach out to other students. Although Bridges helps connect V.I.N.E. students to non-V.I.N.E. students, it is truly a club for everyone at Valley Christian High School.

If you are interested in supporting the Bridges club or the VINE program with a financial gift, please use the form below.

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