Dear VCS Family,

There were times over the last few months where I wondered if we were going to get to this point this fall, but here we are! Our student-athletes and coaches are prepared and ready to compete.

During these strange times, our fall athletic events will be handled much differently than in previous years. We have laid out our plans for spectators in our Gameday Guide. That can be found at: Check back often as we will be updating the guide and our expectations as we settle into a routine.

We get one opportunity to begin the year well. We want to be cautious to ensure our students can continue to compete. We are hopeful, if we do this well, it will generate momentum and allow us to move forward in the future to allow more spectators to watch in person as the year progresses.

For spectator events at VCS, we will have limited seating of around 40-45% for football and volleyball. Tickets will only be sold online this year. When we reach our capacity there will be no more tickets sold and no additional people will be allowed into the event. Children under 5 will still be let in free with parents. Children will need to be seated with parents.

We will have a prioritized system for purchasing the online tickets:

  1. Parents of participating athletes, band members, and cheerleaders will have first opportunity to purchase tickets. School and AIA pass holders will also be included in this first opportunity. Tickets are limited to 2 per participant.
  2. Our students will also have student sections reserved for them in each of our venues. Students will be able to claim their ticket the morning of a game day with seniors and juniors receiving priority.
  3. We will be sending our opponents a set amount of tickets to purchase online for their parents and fans, as well.
  4. Any remaining tickets will be opened to the public.
  5. We will have reserved online tickets if you are VCS employee, staff member, or coach’s spouse and family. You will be given a code to enter online to claim your ticket and must sit in the designated area for faculty, staff, and families.

When attending VCS sporting events, masks are required, and proper social distancing must be maintained. Please understand that while you may be okay sitting near people, others may not feel comfortable. Again, it is mandatory that you please wear a mask and agree to social distance. Should you not believe in following these policies please do not plan on attending.

For our away events, we will communicate with you via email on the host schools’ instructions.  Most swim meets will be hosted with no fans in attendance and football, volleyball, and cross country will have guidelines by host schools ranging from no fans to limited fans.

After all games (home and away), parents and fans will not be allowed onto the field/court. Parents driving athletes are asked to meet them at the car.  We do encourage all parents to drive their athlete home from away games instead of taking school transportation.  However, that will be available if parents are not at away games. At our away games, athletes will go straight to the bus after games. We ask that parents and friends respect this and have a plan to meet up after return to school.

What we expect:

  1. Take your health seriously. If you are sick or have symptoms, please, stay home and watch online.
  2. Wear your face covering. Currently face coverings are required while on our campuses.
  3. Please be respectful of others’ space and keep a distance between your family and others whenever possible. We recognize the importance of community, but we must do things a little different than what we are used to right now.

We are hopeful by showing patience and restraint while still pushing forward that we will be able to continue to give our students the opportunity to compete. We hope to count on your support in following our expectations. It is important to remember that schools are allowing sports to continue only if safety procedures can be maintained both on the field and in the stands. By doing so, we are hopeful we will be able to create additional opportunities to have more spectators as the year progresses.

On behalf of our student-athletes, coaches, and school, thank you for your support.

We are looking forward to a great year,

Greg Haagsma
VCS Athletic Director