Sounds of children joyfully playing on the playground, junior high students singing in chapel, and high school students dialoguing about the most effective ways to live out their Christian faith are some of the things I have the privilege of observing each day. It really is a blessing to come to work knowing we are making an eternal impact at VCS for God’s Kingdom.

Last spring “At Home Learning” left an empty feeling on our campuses. There was a void without children on the playground and students in our hallways, chapels, and classrooms. It just was not the same. It drove home to me how relational Christian Education is and should continue to be. Just as God wants us to have a relationship with him, so too I believe he wants us to have relationships with others in his kingdom.

One of our pillars at Valley Christian is to build life-long community. Research shows that if children and teens build an intergenerational Christian relationship with an adult – the chances of them remaining in their faith after high school are increased dramatically.

I know I say this often, but I also believe it cannot be said often enough – Christian Education is one of the last places we can effectively educate students in the Truth. It gives them an eternal perspective of how they can live out their faith wherever God calls them to in the future. It must never go away.

In the next few weeks, we will be sharing a series of videos of how important this next state election will be to ensure Christian Education remains affordable and a viable option. I humbly ask you view those videos and engage as much as possible in the political process. Help us to keep Christian Education alive and well!

Dan Kuiper
Head of School