iValley is the initiative to put an iPad in the hands of every student at Valley Christian High School in order to enhance student engagement, generate dynamic peer collaboration, and deliver immediate feedback on student assignments.

iValley is part of the technological revolution taking place on Valley Christian’s campus. The first phase involved the expansion and refresh of the two computer labs on campus, funded by generous donations at our 2014 Legacy Auction.

The first phase of the iValley project officially launched on January 5, 2015, as Bible Department chair Greg Tonkinson’s classroom was transformed into a “21st century classroom,” complete with student iPads, WiFi connectivity, the latest applications, virtual note-taking and storage, online quizzes and exams, an Apple TV, and more. This pilot program ran the length of the spring semester, after which time compiled data and student response helped to inform the subsequent phases of the iValley project. School-wide faculty training is ongoing. A second pilot program began in the fall of 2015, with additional rollouts in the fall of 2016, 2017, and 2018.


Technology Committee Formation

August 2013

Planning and Timeline for 1:1 Program

Began September 2013 (and ongoing)

Faculty Training

Began November 2014 (and ongoing)

iValley Branding and Reveal

December 2014

Pilot Program Launch

January 5, 2015 (Entire Spring 2015 semester)

Infrastructure and Classroom Updates

July 2015

2nd Pilot Program

August 2015

Rollout for Freshmen and Sophomores

August 2016 (all Class of 2019 and 2020 receive iPads)

Rollout for All Classes

August 2017 (Class of 2021 receives iPads); August 2018 (Class of 2022 receives iPads)

Technology Revolution at VCHS

PHASE 1: Expand and Update Existing Computer Labs

Expanding and updating/refreshing two existing computer labs took place in June of 2014. With generous donations of $38,800 from our 2014 Legacy Auction guests, we were able to:

  • purchase 26 brand-new units in the digital arts room. These updated computers are able to run the latest applications and fully integrate with the next phase of technology on our campus. This room will also act as a symbol and first step of the technological revolution taking place at Valley Christian High School.
  • expand the library workspace from 15 computers to 21, with each station upgraded to a newer unit. This allows larger classes to use this room more resourcefully, without concern for a lack of adequate stations.



PHASE 2: iValley Pilot Program(s)

The iValley pilot program began January 5, 2015.

Bible Department chair and iPad “champion,” Greg Tonkinson, administered the pilot program with his junior and senior Bible classes for the length of the spring semester.

The Technology Committee continued to meet regularly through the 1st pilot program (spring 2015) and the 2nd pilot program (fall 2015). The program has been evaluated using student grades, student and parent surveys, level of interaction in each class, and additional observed data.



Some of the benefits of iValley include:

  • Instant feedback on assignments and exams
  • Strategic use of dozens of class-driven apps
  • Ability to perform up-to-date research in the classroom
  • Daily preparation for future use of technology in the classroom
  • Opportunities for peer collaboration sharing common data with real-time editing
  • iBooks and textbooks with the ability to annotate
  • One collection point for notes in every class with enhanced note-taking capabilities