High School students should plan on dropping off any school-issued materials next week on May 19-20 during their designated times. Make sure you return any items issued from Athletics, Fine Arts, textbooks, or library books.

Students will also have the opportunity to pick-up any materials left on campus during this time, including locker contents and end-of-year awards.

Please note, re-enrolled students will be keeping their iPads over the summer this year. If you are not returning to VCS, you will return your iPad during the withdrawal process.

Tuesday, May 19
8:00-11:00am | 9th Grade
12:00-3:00pm | 10th Grade

Wednesday, May 20
8:00-11:00am | 11th Grade
12:00-3:00pm | 12th Grade

Students will enter the parking lot by the baseball field and proceed to the following stops on campus:

  • Athletics (Gym) *Optional*
  • Fine Arts (Music Hall) *Optional*
  • Textbooks and Library (Main Academic Building)
  • Pick-up (Barnes Hall)

Students will not exit their vehicles during this time but will pull up to each station to drop-off or pick-up materials.