To Report an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Information regarding a major emergency will be available via the VCS homepage. Information will be updated as soon as possible. When possible, the school will use the Emergency Notification System and social media to communicate updates via email and text messages to our community.

Members of the media inquiring about VCS should email the Office of Communications or call 480-496-7256.


Emergency Response

If an emergency occurs during school hours, you can expect the school to contact you via text and email via our Emergency Notification System, as well as post to our social media accounts and website. To receive up-to-date information, make sure your phone and email information are up-to-date in RenWeb.

School administration will determine the course of action based on our Emergency Action Plan and, if necessary, oversee the release of students. The school has a supply of food and water for students who may be required to remain at the school during an emergency. Faculty and staff teams are organized and trained in first aid, security, rescue, roll call and communications.

In the event of an emergency, we ask for your cooperation in the following:

  • Please do not call the school, as it will be necessary to keep the telephone lines open to communicate with emergency personnel.
  • Please do not come to the school unless you are notified by VCS to pick up your student.
  • Do not call your student’s cell phone as this could complicate the situation. Calling could put your student or others in danger.
  • During an active emergency, no one will be allowed on campus. After emergency personnel determine that a safe student release is possible, arrangements will be made to reunite students with their families – most likely at a reunification site.
  • If we are required to evacuate and relocate, students may be picked up at a designated reunification location by an identified, responsible parent or adult indicated in the student’s records.
  • Students will not be allowed to take their property (backpacks, jackets, etc.) with them in an emergency.

We will investigate all potential threats. Please be aware that legally, we are limited in what information can be shared during an emergency. When an actual threat occurs, we will share as much information as possible. When deemed not credible, there may be a brief statement made by the school.