Week 1 (August 4 – 7) – Meet the Teacher Days

The “Meet the Teacher Day” will provide an exciting opportunity for teachers, students, and families to connect. There will be individual RSVP times (future email) for families to bring their children on campus.

The staggered appointment days/times will help ensure a manageable number of students/families on campus. Victor E. Trojan (our school mascot) and Principal Fryar will be onsite to take pictures (optional) with both families and students.

All teachers and Principal Fryar will prepare a personalized video message for any students/families who are unable to attend the Meet the Teacher Days.

Please keep in mind the following for these days:

  • All parents/visitors will be required to wear face masks while on campus.
  • All parents/visitors/teachers/students will undergo touchless temp checks upon entering campus.
  • Teachers will be equipped with a clear face shield to wear while in the classroom.
  • Students are not required to wear face masks on campus for Meet the Teacher Days, given an ability to maintain social distancing and schedule times within the event are in place.
Week 2 (August 10-13) –Student Orientation Days

“Student Orientation Days” allow students (by grade) to establish routines and prepare for a new school year and face-to-face instruction.  All students will have an opportunity to experience two orientation days with teachers on campus. VCS Elementary will follow the Safe Return to School protocol for orientation days. Please review the attached daily schedule to determine which particular days your child will be on campus for orientation days. The following applies to “Student Orientation Days,” leading up to the official start-of-school (8/17):

  • There will be no volunteers on campus during orientation days.
  • All parents/visitors are required to wear face masks while on campus.
  • Regular drop off and pick up procedures will be followed (no walk-ins).
  • VCS bus/van transportation will not be available for students on orientation days.
  • Teachers will be equipped with a clear face shield to wear while in the classroom.
  • We are asking students to wear a face mask during orientation days (8/10-8/13) while entering and leaving campus. Parents should provide their children with a mask. The school will have extra ones should they lose one or forget to bring it to orientation.
  • Students will not be required to wear face coverings during physical activities, and when adequate distancing is maintainable. However, they may voluntarily wear face coverings at any time.
  • Any student who has difficulty breathing or who is incapable of physically removing the face-covering on his/her own will not wear cloth face coverings, and parents and staff will discuss alternate methods of protection. Additionally, students that have a reason according to a 504 Plan or IEP to not wear face coverings will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine whether there are additional accommodations to provide the highest protection possible.
  • The campus will be operating at a reduced capacity to provide a safe and controlled environment during each orientation day.
  • Student orientation days are from 8:25 am to 2:00 pm. Parents may begin to drop off students no earlier than 8:00 am. The pickup time begins at 2:10 pm via the car-rider line process.
  • Kids Club will NOT be available on orientation days but will begin regular hours at the start of school (8/17).
  • Students will need to bring lunch from home, a backpack, and a water bottle. Food will not be microwaved or stored in refrigeration for students.
  • The campus will be closed for students and visitors on August 14 for a teacher workday.
August 17- First Day of School