On January 16, our high school Chorale departed Valley Christian for their annual tour to Orange County, California. The group of 27 students plus staff traveled to California. During their time there, the students performed two concerts at Union Rescue Mission and one at Pacifica Senior Living South Coast. They also performed at ACES of Irvine and participated in a Disney Show Choir Workshop.

“Chorale Tour this year was definitely my favorite. The responses we got at various shows, especially the rescue mission, confirmed that all of the hard work was worth it.” – Sam Thomas

“My favorite part of Chorale tour is the unity it brings to our Chorale.” – Evan Shiel

“Chorale tour was an enjoyable experience for everyone. All the concerts brought joy to each member of Chorale and Lord-willing to the entire audience we were in front of. The workshop was beneficial for our singing, dancing, and self-confidence.” – Jonathan Foley

“It is encouraging to come away from this tour knowing that we were able to bring joy to so many people as we participated in doing something we love so much. We are so grateful to repeatedly be given new outlets to share God’s love with the broken and hurting through the gift of music, and cannot wait to see how God continues to move in and through us!” – Isabella Gowans

“After one of our songs, a man got up in the second row and asked, “Do you think you can sing, “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord?” Once we started singing that song everyone joined in and it was truly a heart-moving moment. I love ministering through worship and to see 100+ men singing the truths of our God blessed me immensely. As I look back on tour I am reminded on this verse, “Sing praises to the Lord, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth (Isaiah 12:5).” – Bella Rea

Thank you to Marianne Heim and the rest of our staff and volunteers that helped make this tour possible for our Fine Arts students!