Valley Christian Community,

God is good…all the time. And He has been very good to Valley Christian Schools. These are exciting times and I believe we will look back years from now and call these “the good old days.” To put in perspective how momentous these times are; just two years ago, we were a high school. And 24 months later, we are now a K-12th grade educational institution operating on three campuses! God is good!

Looking toward the future, the Board of Directors felt a new position needed to be created that would oversee our growing institution in its spiritual vitality, academic excellence, extracurricular enhancements, and business growth. This new position will be called the Head of Schools. The Principals from all three campuses (elementary, middle school, high school) will report to the Head of Schools, and that individual to the Board of Directors.

The Board compiled a Head of Schools’ Position Profile. This document outlined the areas of responsibility that will fall under the purview of our Head of Schools. These areas are:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Instructional Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Business Management
  • Property Management
  • Parent and Constituent Relations
  • Spiritual Engagement

The logical next step was to launch a national search to find the right person for the job. But it became clear to us through our conversations, analyzation, and much prayer, that we already have the perfect candidate within the Valley Christian ranks.

Dan Kuiper has faithfully and effectively served as our High School Administrator for the last five years, our Superintendent for the last year, and has been part of the Valley Christian family for 37 years. When we vetted Dan’s performance, track record, and who he is as a man against the criteria of what our Head of Schools needs to be, there was only one clear conclusion…he is the right man for the job.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my honor to announce that starting in the school year of 2020-21, our new Head of Schools will be Mr. Dan Kuiper. The entire Board of Directors is squarely behind Dan and believe that his steady hand will help guide Valley Christian Schools forward.

Congratulations, Dan. It’s well deserved. And may God continue to bless Valley Christian Schools. Go Trojans!


Mike Rodrigues
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Valley Christian Schools

A Note from Dan Kuiper

I am honored, humbled, and thrilled by the appointment of Head of Schools. I want to thank the Board of Directors for putting their confidence in me. It has been a blessing to be part of Valley Christian Schools over the last 37 years. God has done great things over our 38 years of existence. This is in large part the sacrifices so many people have made. The staff at VCS is incredible. One reason I am so excited about this position is because of the gifted staff and teachers that Valley has to support all aspects of the school.

I have been serving in the role of superintendent and high school principal this past year. It was evident we needed to split these roles apart if we were going to be an effective school system. We will be searching and posting a position for a high school principal in the very near future and will begin the process of restructuring our organization. Please be in prayer as we search for this person.

Many of you have known me to say, “I am so excited about where we are at, but even more excited about the future.” I truly believe Christian education is one of the best places we can equip students to be culture changers for Christ. We have the staff and community who can effectively make that happen.

Thank you for all of your support and working together, I am completely confident God has even greater things in store for our school.

Dan Kuiper
Valley Christian Schools