As we enter 2021, it was a good time for me to reflect on the difficult year behind us. It was difficult for everyone in different ways, from economics, health, employment, or just from a psychological perspective. Within that context, I thought about Valley Christian Schools and what we were able to accomplish despite all the challenges.

God calls us to be different and a light to our community. I believe we have done that in 2020. Unlike most of the educational institutions in the East Valley, we demonstrated if you make the effort, you can successfully do in-person learning. I am so grateful for a staff that cares enough about students they are willing to sacrifice some of their own wishes even if it goes beyond their comfort level.

Here are some specific ways I saw our staff go above and beyond in 2020:

  • An Admissions Department that re-imagined Student Orientations to allow possible incoming families to get a glimpse “inside” all things Valley.
  • A Communication Department that has been very busy updating and clarifying COVID procedures and plans to our community.
  • An IT Department that has used all resources to make sure we provided an effective At Home Learning experience.
  • A Ministry Development Team that desired to deliver meaningful chapels to our students although we could not meet as usual – so they reinvented the experience through weekly videos delivered to each classroom and titled it “Unplugged”.
  • Junior High and Elementary campuses that desired to continue to deliver meaningful chapels and figured out a way to do it safely in person.
  • Campus specific COVID plans laid out by each one of our principals.
  • An Athletics Department that has figured out a way to hold practices and competitions while adhering to protocols.
  • Our community Veteran’s Day chapels were reimagined and live streamed on our FB channel so others could enjoy, and it was outstanding.
  • Fine Art Departments on each of our campuses prepared various versions of Christmas programs allowing the students to participate and share with their families.

As you can see…we have reimagined how to do school and events effectively because our staff has a passion for what they do and an even greater desire to make sure the mission of Valley Christian Schools is still carried out even in the middle of a pandemic.

I am reminded once again of the tremendous opportunity we have at this school. It is one of the unique places where academia intersects with the truth of God’s Word. With 2020 behind us…I continue to look forward to what God is going to do with this school well into the future.

Dan Kuiper
Head of School