“After Valley” highlights select Valley Christian alumni of all ages, from our first graduating class of 1986 to our most recent graduates.

Kyle Unfug ’00

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This “After Valley” profile was originally posted in February 2017.

What did you do after Valley? Where did your life take you? 

I went to U of A to pursue a pre-med undergrad… I quickly realized that the school was not a fit for me and transferred to ASU where I changed majors to Broadcast Journalism. I took an internship at 104.7 KissFM my junior year and ended up loving radio! I was hired at the radio station from my internship and have worked in several different day parts on-air ever since!!! From nights and weekends all the way to morning radio my radio career was born and blossomed at KissFM. I took a second job in television on Channel 3 co-hosting the midday lifestyle show in 2011 and have enjoyed balancing radio and TV because of all of the incredible opportunities and interesting people I have met over the years. I got married in 2012 and had my baby girl in 2014 and am so incredible blessed!

Tell us a little about your daily work:
I wake up for work when most people are sleeping. The 2:30am alarm clock is something I will never get used to even though I’ve been waking up to it for the past 8 years. Then I am off to the radio station where I get to talk to two of my favorite people all morning (Johnjay & Rich of the Johnjay & Rich radio show). We love hearing all the fascinating stories people share with us! From the radio station most days I go straight to the tv station where I get to learn from doctors, chefs, lifestyle experts and many others as I co-host Your Life A to Z.kunfug-with-snoop

What’s one surprising thing we don’t know about you?
I love to make cakes for my loved one’s milestones. Whether it’s a graduation or birthday… if I have the time, I love getting creative baking! Since I am not a pro they take almost a full week from start to finish so for me it is a labor of love but, when I get to see a finished product make someone smile… it’s the best!

While you were at VCHS, which teachers, coaches or classmates had the biggest impact on you?

My mom has to be at the top of the list!!! Mom to me… Mrs. Lynch to everyone else was the art teacher at the time and her fun, positive, and easy going attitude showed me that if you are doing what you love for a living it isn’t really work. Mr. Nelson was my track and volleyball coach as well as one of my math teachers… he was always so focused, I didn’t realize at the time how much impact he really had on me. His dedication to the school and his passion for teaching illustrated work ethic that over the years I have come to value quite a bit. Finally, Mrs. Mehan was my Bible teacher. She presented Scripture with incredibly thought provoking conversation and love. She was so caring and had such a firm grasp on Christianity, it was inspiring and helped me grow my faith, which I cherish!!!

How do you stay connected with your friends from Valley and VCHS? View More: http://annamarisol.pass.us/kyles-family-photos2016
Facebook and Instagram… It’s fun to see where life has taken everyone!

What’s one lasting memory you have of VCHS?
Mr. Benson was the football coach and getting a great grade in his class was something you really had to work for, but I remember some of the football team carrying him through the hallway on a mattress… I am not even sure why they did it, but it was hilarious to see him laugh. He was the best!!!

Do you have any advice for current students?

A memory I didn’t think was one I wanted, ended up being a big blessing. My senior year I didn’t make the volleyball team. Freshman through junior year I had played and thought I was doing well… It was a shock and a disappointment for sure when I was cut. Looking back I truly believe it helped me deal with the many twists, turns, and surprises life throws your way. Making the best of any situation is often hard to do especially when everything seems so hard. Being able to lean on God and pray about it was key to not letting my confidence break. My advice would be to let God put obstacles and challenges in your path and make the most of each one of them… even when they seem to be hard or even miserable at times! He knows what He is doing!

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