Dear Friend of VCS,

The Gospel is full of stories where God uses ordinary folks to do extraordinary things. That’s why it’s Good News! If God can build His church on Peter, the one who denied Him in a moment of panic . . . what can He do with all who strive to do His will, even imperfectly, today?

When you hear those words, do you ever wonder how God can use YOU to further His Kingdom here on Earth?

That’s the question before us today. With this letter, I invite you to participate in The 1982 Society, like many others have. This society is a special group of those who include VCS in their will or estate plans with a gift that will bless generations of students to come.

At Valley Christian Schools, we have always trusted in God to bring forth the yield from our efforts. When we started with just twenty freshmen and sophomores in 1982, we had a grand vision. But we also had plans—most of which God would rework to meet His own timing.

In our second year, we had forty students. Every year after that, we added students and grades (and teachers, and facilities, and so on!) until we reached our goal of offering the entire range of K-12 classes for Christian families.

So, when you walk on our campuses today and see nearly 900 students engaged in learning, service, sports, and other activities, you see God’s work. You see the fruit of seed sown many years ago. You see that hundred-fold yield through the work and sacrifices of so many families, teachers, and supporters. You see a growing tradition of faith and excellence—a legacy in motion. I’m borrowing this great line from a good friend of mine and of VCS, Erich Lau, who said:

“What you do is history. But what you set in motion becomes your legacy.”

As believers in Christ and His unerring Word, we seek to sow seed for the Gospel to have its redemptive impact. The 1982 Society offers you the opportunity to cultivate the seeds that have been sown.

Will you consider Erich’s words and leave a legacy at VCS, even with the final decision you are able to make on this side of Heaven?

There are so many ways to make a legacy gift—even some with significant income and tax benefits. So, I invite you to take part in a 90-minute, no-obligation seminar with our trusted partners at Financial Planning Ministry. These seminars are for you if:

  • You don’t currently have a will, living trust, or any estate plan
  • You have children and want to name their guardians
  • You have a will, but want to make sure your assets are better protected
  • You have an estate plan already, but it needs updating
  • You know nothing (or very little) about wills or estate planning

Valley Christian Schools is equipping students to be culture changers for Christ today and tomorrow. In a world that seems to be rushing away from Christ, you and I must feel the urgency of providing current and future VCS students with a Christ-centered worldview.

So I invite you to join The 1982 Society by remembering VCS in your estate plans. And please let us know if you have already done this, so that we can properly thank you and plan accordingly! To inform us or to look at the options available for leaving a legacy gift to VCS, please visit today.

I thank you for your prayers and for all you do for the students, teachers, and community of Valley Christian Schools. May God grant you the grace to hear His Word today, and every day.

Steve Yarbrough
Co-founder, Valley Christian Schools

P.S. Please see the brochure we’ve included with more information about The 1982 Society, our partnership with Financial Planning Ministry, and how you can best prepare for the future. At, you can find all you need to know about adding VCS to your estate plans, inform us if you’ve already done so, or register for an upcoming seminar.