Missions Class

Missions Class

This course is designed to help students grow in their Christian Worldview by providing an opportunity to learn and participate in missions locally and abroad. The semester content includes using Paul’s missionary journey as the blueprint with a careful study of the book of Luke and Acts primarily. Throughout the semester, students will focus on growing in their faithfulness to Jesus as they exercise some of the Spiritual Disciplines and learn from historical missionaries.

For practical and experiential learning and service, students will raise finances as a team in order for the class to take a trip abroad during the Spring Break of the current semester. Although the course will be taught during the spring semester, regular meetings during the fall will take place in order to better plan for the class, including time with fundraising, event, and communication.

Video from the 2016 Missions trip, recorded and produced by Logan Plooster ’17

Read about the 2017 Missions trip on their blog.

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The Missions class will be returning to Romania March 8-18, 2017.