I graduated from Valley Christian High School in 2003.

I went to ASU on a generous scholarship that I earned largely because of the academics offered at Valley Christian. While there, I started dating a 2005 graduate from VCHS. And by 2008, we were married.

In April of 2013, we had our firstborn, a son named Levi, Valley Christian Class of 2031. In December of that year, I started working as the Legacy Director here. We now also have a daughter, Hayley, Class of 2033.

Valley Christian was evident for me in high school, college, my marriage, and now my profession. The truth is, there is no story about my life that doesn’t include Valley Christian High School.

Valley Christian is a special place. And whether you have been around for longer than I have or you are just getting started on your VCHS journey, be encouraged that students are experiencing our mission of knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior every day.

Our year-end “ask” letters went out today. You’ll probably get one. Whether you have ever given to Valley Christian before, would you consider giving a gift to such a special place?

Our goal is to raise $35,000, which will allow us to take a few steps forward in our strategic initiatives, part of our recently completed Strategic Plan: innovative learning, facility expansion, enhancing faculty culture, and long-term financial sustainability. We’d love to have your help with $50, $500, $5,000, or more of that goal. My wife and I will certainly be taking part.

I hope Valley Christian means as much to you and your family as it does to mine. Thanks for considering VCHS as part of your year-end giving.

Troy A. Thelen ’03
Legacy Director

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