Given the fluidity of the situation, our plans to safely return to school this fall will be constantly evaluated for necessary modifications. These plans embrace current recommendations for returning to school from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), and Arizona Department of Education (ADE) along with recommendations from our COVID-19 Task Force. Please note recommendations from each of these organizations will evolve between now and August and will be taken into appropriate consideration. Conditions can fluctuate, including federal, state, and city regulations, and we may need to alter our plans. We will continue to keep you updated.


  • Valley Christian Schools Junior High School will utilize a full-time face-to-face model with various on-campus modifications for purposes of safety and sanitation whenever feasible.  Our Task Force is currently exploring realistic options for supporting students at home.
  • Students who are unable to attend school will follow the guidelines for absenteeism and makeup work, as published in the Parent and Student Handbook.
  • If a return to Virtual Learning is mandated due to school closure, specific guidelines will be provided like the previous model, but with enhancements.


  • We do understand the number of absences may increase during this time, and we do want to support our students as best we can.
  • We will be supplying lessons and assignments on Moodle and RenWeb and the student will be responsible for the work on their own from there.
  • All work missed during absences must be made up. This work includes summative assessments (tests) of which would be taken at school once the student returns.
  • Long term documented medical absences for junior high school students will result in a conference (in-person or Zoom) with the Junior High School Principal. In general, it will be determined if we still can accommodate the student and if so, a plan will be developed.


  • The first day of school is a half day and begins on August 4. It is imperative that parents monitor their student’s health before coming to school.
  • Students will report directly to their homeroom.
  • Students should only bring i-Pads, three ring binder, lunch bag and water bottle. Backpacks can pose a tripping hazard in the classroom and should be stored as directed by the teacher.
  • Students will not be allowed to congregate in Valley Central.


  • Students will be released from their classrooms at 3:25 pm.
  • We will use our normal pick-up procedures. These will be detailed for new families as part of back-to-school orientation.


  • All parents or designated person(s) must promptly report to campus and retrieve their student or be available to give approval for their student to leave campus if they are contacted by school personnel their student is ill.  
  • Established health and safety protocols are in place to handle various situations involving both students and staff members.
  • A student should not be brought to school or come to school if found to have a fever (having a temperature of 100.4°F or higher). They should not return to school until they have been fever free for 48 hours without medication.  
  • In the event a student complains about not feeling well during the school day, parents or emergency contact will be required to pick up the student or give approval for them leaving campus.
  • Please be advised we will use extra precautions with students not feeling well or reported to not feel well.
  • All parents will continue to receive an email notification via RenWeb for any student who is reported to be ill or comes up to the front office not feeling well.


  • Close off areas used by a sick person and do not use these areas until after cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting. If 24 hours is not feasible, we will wait as long as possible.
  • In accordance with state and local laws and regulations, school administrators should notify local health officials, staff, and families immediately of any case of COVID-19 while maintaining confidentiality in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and (HIPPA).
  • Inform those who have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 to stay home and self-monitor for symptoms, and follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop.


  • Regular school hours are from 8:10 am – 3:25 pm.
  • Face masks are optional for students and staff.
  • If a return to Remote Learning is mandated due to school closure, specific guidelines will be provided like the previous remote model (March-May 2020) along with enhancements or changes we deemed necessary. A student will be required to “attend” classes like normal through Zoom.
  • Social distancing will be practiced to the extent possible.
  • For at least the first two weeks of school, PE classes will not dress down but will study health in the classroom or do light activities.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided for students and staff.
  • An increased level of disinfecting and cleaning will take place for classrooms and common areas.
  • VINE accommodations and services will continue for students.


  • Please contact Troy Hanzal for information regarding transportation services.  Parents are asked to provide a mask for their student. Students are expected to wear a mask given physical distancing is not feasible in vehicles such as vans. All masks may be removed once the student arrives to their classroom or destination.


  • Lunch will be eaten in their fifth period classroom. It will be cold lunch since we do not have access to microwaves in the classrooms.


  • Students will be seated with appropriate social distancing in mind. 


  • Social distancing will be observed, as much as feasible.
  • Some games will be limited. For example, students may shoot basketballs but not play a game.
  • Students may not congregate in Valley Central; they may remain in the classroom with teacher approval.


  • Athletics and Fine Arts will follow AIA protocols and will make adjustments to be sure best practices are utilized. This will include outside practices, social distancing, rehearsing in larger venues and more. Communication will be sent home as needed for each activity (games, performances, etc.).


  • The school cleaning protocol includes increased disinfecting and sanitizing measures as scheduled by designated staff.
  • All classrooms, common areas, restrooms, and offices are cleaned/sanitized at the end of every school day.
  • In common areas, sanitation will occur between groups.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer with greater than 60% ethanol or 70%. isopropyl alcohol will be provided for students.
  • Additional handwashing stations will be installed.
  • An increased level of disinfecting and cleaning will take place for classrooms and common areas.


  • Face masks are required for all visitors until further notice.
  • Volunteers on campus will be limited and will require a face mask until further notice.
  • Volunteers must check-in at the office for self-temperature check and wellness questions.


  • Additional information will be released at a later time as these events occur.

Last updated June 19, 2020