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May 28-June 9, 2020 SUPPORT THIS TEAM

Israel, 2020

Students will walk in the steps of the Bible, experiencing Israeli culture and walking where Christ walked. This is a cultural trip to learn and grow—it is not a mission trip, although there may be ministry aspects to it.

What will team members do?

The Bible Department is excited to host an annual Israel trip for students to encounter the region where Christ once walked. This trip will be primarily based in Old Jerusalem, with day trips out from there. More details will be finalized this summer; however, some of the planned sites activities are: the Temple Mount, walking the Sea of Galilee, overnight stays in Bethlehem, the Wailing Wall, Hezikiah’s tunnel, the Jerusalem House of Prayer, a day with For Zion’s Sake ministries, and a reflective journey on the Via Dolorosa (where Jesus carried his cross).



Open to?

Sophomores through Seniors

When is this experience?

May 28-June 9, 2020

Financial Information:


Team Leaders:

Tom Croke, Lead

Important Dates:

$100 “I’m In!” Deposit: June 1

$400 Deposit: August 23

50% Due: December 20

100% Due: April 1

Other: Various specifics and particulars will be communicated to the team by the Lead Chaperone