Christian Service

Student Life (7)In addition to the experiences offered within the ENGAGE program, ENGAGE also manages and approves service hours.

Christian Service allows our students a variety of opportunities to live out their faith before a watching world. Our desire is to expose students to a number of ways to use the gifts and talents God has given. It is our hope that through service in the church, local community and world, students would gain a deeper love for Jesus and those who need Him while engaging in the world around them in meaningful ways with their faith in Christ in full view.


Students are required to complete 15 hours per year (maximum of 3 hours can be obtained at VCHS in one school year)

All hours will be finalized and calculated the Friday before the week of final exams. Any service completed after that date will count towards the following school year.

All service hours must be recorded and submitted online via the MobileServe app or online account.

Service Hours will be integrated into all Bible courses and count as 10% of the student’s 2nd semester Bible grade.



At Valley Christian we love and value local churches. As a result, whenever and wherever possible, we want to assist and serve the bride of Christ by making our students available to serve. We define “service” in the local church context to include anything the pastoral staff believes is related to fulfilling their church’s mission and purpose. This is left up to the discretion of the pastoral staff.

Any service done with a student’s local church body that helps the church fulfill their Mission and Purpose (ministries, program, mission’s trips, etc.) will count towards their Service Hours. If a student is currently not regularly attending a local church body they can contact any of these churches to serve:

  • Arizona Community Christian
  • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
  • Sun Valley Community – Tempe
Partner Organization

This is a list of approved organizations students can volunteer at in order to earn Christian Service hours. Students must receive a signed notification or form from their place of service and submit it online through the Christian Service webpage. If students would like to have additional organizations approved for next year please email Tom Croke at

  • AZ Assist
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Phoenix Rescue Mission
  • Quo Vadis Bookstore
  • UMOM New Day Center
  • Sunshine Acres
  • Christian Family Care Agency
  • Arizona Immigrant & Refugee Services
  • Mom’s Pantry
  • St. Mary’s Food Bank
  • St. Vincent DePaul
  • Chandler Senior Center
  • Frank Elementary School (Adopt a Child)
  • Refugee Focus
  • Phoenix Dream Center
  • Owl Love You Forever
  • Choices Pregnancy Center of Greater Phoenix
  • Christian Grade Schools
At School
Students can earn up to 3 service hours per school year at VCHS. Any teacher-led and approved service on campus will count towards their service hours.

***Participation in the VCHS ENGAGE Program and Ambassadors Program will count for full service hours.


MobileServe is available as a mobile app in the App store and Google Play and can be used on most smartphones and tablets. If you’d rather not use the mobile app, you can create and manage your MobileServe account from any internet-connected device at:

Create Your Account

1. Open the app or go to & select Sign Up.
2. Enter your name, birthday, and create a password. You can skip the Employer / School box.
3. Select Next.
4. Add an optional photo to your profile or skip.
5. Select Next.
6. Enter the 6-digit code for your grade.
7. When the organization name pops up, select Join.

Log Your Hours

After joining Valley Christian, be sure to categorize your service log within the correct organization, by checking the box next to the organization name and selecting the correct service category.

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