Service Hours at VCS

Christian Service Hours

Christian Service hours are defined as the following, “Time spent glorifying God through acts of service in the church and in the community (‘community’ is defined as any non-profit organization that has an emphasis toward assisting the community, especially the disenfranchised).”

Each year, students are required to perform 5 hours per quarter (minimum) of Christian Service (20 hours total). Christian Service hours begin June 1st of the current school year and conclude the second week of May.

Students will record those opportunities through the MobileServe app on their school iPad. Christian Service hours will be integrated into all Bible courses and count for 5% of the student’s quarterly Bible grade.


“Can my student serve at our church and have that count for hours?”

Yes! We love when our students are serving at their churches!

Can my student go on a church mission trip during the summer and have that count for hours?”

Yes! A student may go on a church mission trip and have those hours count toward his Q1 Christian Service hours (Please note, summer camp is not considered a mission trip).

“What are some other examples of Christian Service hours that will count?”

  • Serving at Feed My Starving Children
  • Serving at Phoenix Rescue Mission
  • Collecting food for any non-profit food pantry
  • Collecting clothes for a homeless shelter
  • Filling out an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox
  • Volunteering at an event run by a non-profit organization with a focus on assisting others in the community
  • Going on a VCS ENGAGE mission trip

“Can my student help with a school event and have that count for hours?”

No. We desperately want our students to serve at VCS. But we will no longer be accepting those hours of service as Christian Service hours. This includes:

  • Taking tickets at a ball game
  • Running the snack bar at a ball game
  • Helping set-up for a school event
  • Watching kids at a school event

“What are other examples of hours that will not count towards Christian Service hours?”

  • Helping my aunt put up Christmas decorations
  • Helping my neighbor carry groceries to her front door
  • Babysitting my neighbor’s kids
  • Cleaning my mom’s office
  • Helping my dad stuff mailers for his company

“Can my student go on an ENGAGE trip and have that count for all his hours?”

If a student goes on an ENGAGE trip, he may count that for all 5 hours during the quarter the trip took place. He must still accomplish 5 hours of service in the other quarters.

“Can my student do a bunch of service in Q1 and have that count for his Q2 hours?”

No. Each quarter, the student must submit a minimum of five Christian Service hours.