Board of Directors

Denise McClain

Church Affiliation

Gethsemane Church

Current Company/Organization

Hirtle Callaghan & Co.

How I'm Connected to VCS

I have a current student(s) at VCS

More About Me (Committees, Bio)

Our family is so proud to be a part of the Valley Christian community! My husband (Tom) and I are blessed to have three wonderful daughters (two of which are still in school at VC). Our youngest, Emery, is at VC Elementary School loving 3rd grade. Our middle daughter, Macy, is a Senior at VC High School where she plays Varsity Volleyball and Basketball (as well as Beach Volleyball in the Spring) and is very active in Student Council. We love cheering her on (along with my Father, Elmer, who attends most of her events) and being active supporting the teams and groups she participates in at VC. Our oldest daughter, Shannon, received her doctorate degree and is now a Physical Therapist. I am an Arizona native and have attended the same church since I was 6 years old (Gethsemane Church). I’m honored to be a part of the Board and am looking forward to seeing (and assisting) the three VC schools grow and flourish as God directs.